Meet After 35 Mom Holly Johnson!

After 35 Mom Holly Johnson shares her story: “Here I am, 36 years old celebrating birth of my second child. He was born November 30 at 8:49 AM after an easy three hour labor and 45 minutes of pushing, weighing 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 20 inches long.

Towards the end of my second #rimester, I was diagnosed with basal cell skincancer. It was terrifying at first, but my dermatologist assured me no harm would come to the baby and as a less aggressive cancer, we had time to remove it.

Today my son is a week and two days. I am having a MOHS procedure to remove the cancer. It is a process that takes several hours, so my son is joining me. In between procedures, it is a comfort to nurse him.

I am so glad I didn’t put off visiting the dermatologist when I noticed the suspicious skin growth. It feels good to put this behind me and move forward raising two children who will be well lathered in sunscreen anytime they play outside.

Thanks for sharing, Holly!