Meet Featured After 35 Mom Robyn Banks!

After 35 Mom, Robyn, shares her After 35 story:

“I became a mother at the very young age of 20 with my first son named Jeffrey. I quickly realized I was in this parenthood thing pretty much by myself, besides occasional help from my family. I was so busy doing my single mommy thing that I didn’t really date over the years, but I always longed for more children. I knew if I ever met the right man he would have to be nearly perfect for him to fit into our lives.

In 2006, at the age of 31, I moved from Charlotte, NC to Atlanta, GA to start a new job and be closer to my family. Two weeks after I moved there, my sister started nagging me to death about going on a double date to meet a friend of her then boyfriend. I reluctantly went and met Terry White. We hit it off right away! We started slowly, but over the years we really developed a great relationship and began wanting a baby. We started trying when I was about 35, and after more than 2 years of trying we started to worry it wasn’t going to be so easy to conceive. That was a real reality check because our age was really starting to creep up, as I was 37 and Terry was 36.

Terry suggested that we make an appointment with a fertility doctor. I made an appointment in the Spring of 2013 after a planned vacation to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I was working so hard at my job and trip planning, that I really wasn’t focused on getting pregnant. Finally, after our vacation and before out appointment with the fertility doctor, I took a pregnancy test. I couldn’t believe it, but I was actually pregnant! Terry was in disbelief, too, because we had tried for almost 3 years.

Preeclampsia was a fear because I dealt with it in my first pregnancy; I was now 38. At around 38.5 weeks, my blood pressure began to spike so they decided to induce my labor. Two days later via cesarean, Nicolai Albert White was born weighing just under 8lbs and 21 1/4 inches. It was one of the very best moments of our lives! One of the hospital staff was nice enough to take Terry’s camera phone before we entered the OR and captured the moment we laid eyes on him! Today we call him Nico and he’s a super smart, hilariously loving 2 year old! I’m 40 now, but we’re actually trying for one more to complete our family. If it doesn’t happen, life will still be absolutely perfect!”

Thanks, Robyn, for sharing your story!