I physically feel pregnant!

5.5.16: 10 weeks 4 days

With IVF, you find out you are pregnant long before symptoms or physical signs of pregnancy develop. This is because pregnancy hormone levels are followed through blood draws and as they rise it is a good sign that a pregnancy is developing. I knew at the two week wait blood draw–the blood draw that is done two weeks after an embryo transfer with IVF–that I would likely be expecting twins because my pregnancy hormone levels were so high. I then started feeling nauseated by 5 weeks or so. This all happened well before we saw anything on ultrasound.

Now, I am starting to physically feel pregnant. The first physical change occurred in my breasts. They were suddenly HUGE and sore. I also feel winded when I walk stairs and when talking for long periods of time (like when I give a lecture at work). The worst thing, though, is my reflux! It is terrible! I was having problems with reflux before I got pregnant, and had an EGD in February that showed an esophageal ulcer. I was given high-dose anti-reflux meds, but stopped after the embryo transfer. I am taking them as needed now because the reflux coupled with the nausea is not a good combination.

It is so weird to be experiencing all the things my patients have asked me about all these years. I know the science behind the physical changes of pregnancy, and I know what the books have taught me, but to actually be experiencing these changes myself is such a different feeling. All of these years I have had no personal frame of reference with which to advise and counsel my patients. Now I do. I understand so much more. I can now answer my patient’s questions from experience and not just from what I have been taught.

I know the physical changes I am experiencing now are just the beginning. I am so excited and scared to see what will happen as time goes by. Although I know what to expect, it is actually happening to me now! It almost doesn’t seem real.

But is IS real! I am pregnant…with twins!!