Amy Schumer Shares an Ultrasound Video of Her Very Energetic Baby: ‘That’s Why I’m Puking Every Day’

“Amy Schumer has been giving fans updates on her pregnancy on social media. And on Monday, she shared a video of her ultrasound—and took the opportunity to encourage her fans to get out and vote in the midterms.

“Happy Election Eve!” Schumer, who is in her second trimester, wrote in the caption. “You can look up your polling place + hours by texting LOCATION to 21333 And you can look up a sample ballot to be prepared at Make a plan to #vote and let’s make history tomorrow!”

In the video, you can hear Schumer’s reaction to seeing the ultrasound, which showed her baby moving around in utero. “It’s moving all around! Oh my God, oh my God, see it has so much energy—that’s why I’m puking every day,” she said.”


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