Best Ways to Potty Train A Girl


One your child grows up, you will need to get them out of diapers and potty train them. You get to save yourself the stress of changing dirty diapers, but you should ensure your child is emotionally and physically ready for potty training. Teaching your daughter how to use the potty is often easy if you wait until the right time to start, and girls tend to potty train earlier than boys. This is because they tend to develop their language skills earlier and can easily focus on one task without being distracted so easily. However, potty training a girl requires time and patience since they are children and it will take them time to handle a new challenge.

1. Timing

The most important thing to acknowledge as you potty train your daughter is that she’s only a child and this is a huge challenge for her. Having a consistent routine makes the learning process much easier for your child. Establishing a routine makes your daughter more receptive to change.

If at first you are met with your toddler’s high resistance, consider stepping back and trying again when your daughter is more open-minded. You should also ensure your little girl is showing signs she’s ready to start potty training.

2. Taking it a Step a Time

Rushing through potty training will not work because children are known to learn by emulation. Consider having your daughter watch as you use the bathroom, so she gets the hang of it. Remember to be open and accurate when talking to your child about her vaginal area. Using a  euphemism will only make them feel like there is something to be embarrassed about.

If your daughter has an older brother and they end up peeing while standing, you should let them explore that. You should talk to her about why she cannot pee while standing. Allowing things to unfold with your guidance ensures that there are no power struggles between you and your daughter.

3. Purchasing Equipment

With potty training, it is recommended that you buy your daughter a potty. However, you can choose to buy an adapter seat that you fasten onto the toilet. With a potty, ensure your daughter knows that the potty is hers. It is usually better to potty train your child using a potty as they tend to fear falling into the toilet. Anxiety is interference that will likely interrupt your child’s learning process. A potty can also be taken to each room of the house to ensure it is always close and ready to use when needed.

If you end up going the adapter seat route, ensure it is comfortable and that it fastens firmly. A well-secured adapter seat as well as a stool to help your child get on and off the toilet makes the learning process easier. The stool also provides stability so that your daughter can push when she has bowel movements.

4. Getting Comfortable

You should give your daughter time to get used to using a potty before she begins actually using it. Consider purchasing books that will help your daughter better understand how using a potty works. You can check out these potty-training products on Whooopsadaisy that help your daughter have fun while learning. Consider personalizing the potty by writing her name on it. You can also have her decorate it on her own with stickers.


Potty training can be a fun time for you and your daughter to bond. Ensure you don’t rush her through the process as this will only lead to power struggles. Remember to start potty training only when your daughter is physically and mentally ready, and there are no other big changes going on. Whether you use a potty or an adapter seat, ensure your daughter is comfortable.