How To Keep Your Couple Relationship Strong!


If you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or have children with a partner involved, there is bound to be a miscommunication at some point. Afterall, each person in a relationship brings with them their own thoughts, background, beliefs, and ideas. Because of these differences, maintaining a strong relationship with a partner can sometimes have challenges and takes intentional care.

Today, married couple, Dr. Stephen and Erin Mitchell of, are sharing insight on how to navigate the relationship waters amidst life, especially in regards to pregnancy (before, during, and after).


Click here to listen in as they discuss three important topics:

1) What is/was the context for getting pregnant and how that shapes everything that comes after

2) How each partners’ own history shapes how they experience context, context stresses and changes

3) How we do/do not communicate all of this to ourselves (self-reflection) and to our partner in a healthy way to generate understanding!

Communicating clearly and openly can be challenging especially when it involves the ups and downs of normal life. Add in all that life has thrown at us in 2020, plus a pregnancy, a baby, or babies, and you might just feel like you’ve landed in the middle of a storm.

Even if you feel like everything is going smoothly now, working with a professional can help strengthen your relationship in the future. Professional counseling truly benefits the individual, the couple, and the whole family. The Mitchells offer coaching and counseling sessions, as well as a great online course!

Every person has a past that influences her/his present and shapes their future. Counseling and coaching can help you understand the interaction between past, present, and future. It is a key component of your overall health and wellness.