Identifying and Preventing Illness-Causing Elements in Your Home

The home is sacred. It’s the place families should feel the most secure and protected. Just about every house eventually needs modifications and updates to ensure it ages gracefully, as well as to keep it well-protected against outside elements. From outdated pipes to poor insulation to rotting structural wood, not to mention years of exposure to varying degrees of heat, wind and precipitation, there are all kinds of ways pollutants can enter your home. It’s important to evaluate its safety and look for ways to both solve existing problems and prevent future issues.

This guide will help you inspect and assess your entire home for possible pollutants, as well as offer insight into possible solutions. It will discuss everything from allergens to potentially life-threatening risks, but do keep in mind that many allergens present in a single home can create more detrimental problems. Be sure to take into consideration the age, location, and type of home you have, as well as any other local factors like neighborhood pest problems or inclement weather conditions.

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