“I’m Hiding from my Kids!” and Other Mom Confessions
When I get home from work, I quickly greet my three-year-old twins and tell them mommy has to go upstairs to change out of her scrubs. Truth be told, yes, I really do need to change my yucky, stinky scrubs, but I also need a few minutes to decompress. After a long day of operating and covering labor and delivery, followed by a hectic drive home from Galveston, I can start feeling some kind of way!

I think they have caught on to my scrub-changing smokescreen, though. They now want to follow Mommy upstairs and “hang out” while I change, which has forced me to start locking all 5 doors separating me in my bathroom hideout from my precious littles. Unfortunately, my latest effort to guarantee 5 minutes of solitude did not last long. When my sister called the other day while I was changing and asked what I was doing I replied, “I am hiding from my kids, but I hear them coming!!” Before I knew it, the door swung open and in came little Sydney. “Hey, mama! What you doing?” I immediately felt guilty for keeping her out as soon as I saw that sweet smile and heard that little raspy voice. My heart just melted. I gave her a hug…and gently pushed her back on the other side of the quickly re-locked door to get my 5 minutes.

It’s just 5 minutes, y’all!!

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