In A Day Full of Failures, You Gave Me The Win I Needed
Being a working mom is tough. You are too little to understand why things are the way they are–why mommy is hardly home–so I try to cram as much as I can into the couple of days I do have with you trying to play catch-up. It’s almost like I’m trying to make sure you know me and know I am your mommy. I know it may sound silly, but the working mom guilt in me is always questioning that. I promise I had the best of intentions today. I had the whole day planned out:: wagon ride, then breakfast at our favorite coffee shop down the street, followed by the neighborhood park, lunch, nap, then afternoon play until dinner. I wanted our time together to be perfect. But it wasn’t. I heard you rustling in your crib so I jumped out of bed to get you. I went to work yesterday without seeing you, and when I came home you were already in bed. I just knew you would light up as soon as I opened the door, but you didn’t. You were fussy, your diaper was full and you didn’t want me to hold you. It was a struggle just changing you so I didn’t even try to put on the outfit I laid out for you the night before. I tried my best to make you smile or laugh or even just let out a little giggle, but you weren’t having it. So I went to what ALWAYS works for us when things aren’t going well-what always draws you back to me. “What does a dinosaur say?”… Click here to read the entire article on Houston Moms Blog!