Making A Difference: Parents Via Egg Donation

Founder, Innovator, Facilitator, Educator, and Mom, Marna Gatlin has many titles. Her knowledge and passion are captivating as she works tirelessly to educate, advocate, and provide support for families touched by or considering egg donation. Marna has over 15 years of third party reproduction experience and a strong network of third party experts. Many often refer to her as the “go to” person regarding all things egg donation.
Marna is very open about her own personal family-building journey using donor egg which led to the birth of the nonprofit organization, Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED). PVED is a global organization and a wonderful resource reaching all the way to Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and more. The PVED community touches the lives of over 10,000 intended parents every year and they have a strong future ahead.

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