The Complete Guide To Travelling When Pregnant



A woman’s body is an incredible thing and pregnancy is one of life’s miracles. For many women, pregnancy will be the most exciting, life changing event they’ll ever encounter.

With countless physical changes, hormones running wild, emotions running high, and of course a little human growing inside you – say what!? Yep truly amazing; it’s no wonder mums-to-be find themselves a little overwhelmed!

With such a wild and incredible ride ahead, there’s no better time to destress and take time to rest. Long gone are the days where pregnancy was considered to be a woman’s confinement period. As today’s women continue to buzz about their busy lives, a quick getaway could be the perfect remedy to prepare for this life-changing event. Nothing matters more when it comes to growing a baby than keeping your Zen.

Welcome Babymoon! Now that’s just a fancy word for a short holiday for expectant couples, usually scheduled somewhere between morning sickness easing off and getting close to the birth or you getting too big to want to go anywhere. This is often a last chance opportunity for parents-to-be to pack a small bag and head off somewhere without needing to worry about anything but themselves. Now, what to pack!?

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