Think egg count and quality don’t matter? Think again.


I was recently quoted in an article published by CNN detailing findings from a study that challenged the connection between egg count and fertility.

Since then, I have seen several subsequent articles, with headlines that can be misleading, and down right confusing. You may have read one of these and thought, “Oh — I don’t need to get my egg count checked. It won’t have any bearing on my ability to conceive.”

Wrong. Egg count and quality are important parts of a much bigger picture in understanding your fertility. But it’s not the only one. So it’s important not treat it as THE signal for fertility.

Ultimately, I’m here to help clear the air from the confusion this latest study may have caused. I want each of you to be informed and make decisions for your own bodies and family plans according to the full set of facts, not based on one study.

And so, in case you had any doubt. Please know that, yes. It is 100% smart, proactive, and recommended that you get your fertility (including egg count) checked.

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