Want to Know If You’re Fertile?


Here’s my guide to avoiding fertility faux pas and getting real answers.

Step 1:

Take a selfie and send it to the egg whisperer (me) and I’ll tell you all about your fertility….

And CUT.

Oh, if only it was that easy! Your fertility isn’t skin deep and for now you still can’t put botox in your ovary! (Sad, but true).

But this is the thing, there ARE tests that you can do to find out if you’re fertile.

I see so many patients and have for over 10 years now that say that they really didn’t know where to start. That they had no clue there were tests they could do or monitors they could buy to find out when they’re most fertile.

And many think the reason they aren’t conceiving is because the “sperm is falling out.” No people, that’s called gravity. The swimmers swim up, the semen comes out. However, pro tip: I do tell patients to put a pillow under their bum for 10 minutes following sex and to then use the restroom to avoid a urine infection.

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