What should I do after a failed IVF cycle?

First thing first, acknowledge it sucks.

It hurts, causes frustrations, anger and grief. It hurts really bad especially when you waited so long and been through so much in the quest to have a baby. Know that it is extremely normal and okay to mourn.

If you are a type A personality, this is for you. We often tend to focus on success and ignore failures, but remember these feelings stay buried inside and hit you much harder when they return. So express your grief in a form that is meaningful to you. Let it flow.

This will help you let it go.

My favorite coping mantra for these times is a song from Trolls movie, “If you knock knock me over, you knock knock me over I will get back up again.”

Take your time grieving, but then I want you to get back up again and take control of your situation.

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